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A Music Platform for Youth

Making This Different

Songwriting & Recording Development

What to Expect with Our Program

In this program you will learn to explore your talent. Teaching you writing skills, bar counting, recording skills, and performing skills. In our 6-week program you will meet with our instructors at their recording studio for 2 hours each week. Our instructors will work on songwriting and recording. Material will be given on tips to completing a song. Participants will record one complete song that will be burned on CD at the end of the course. Once a year you will be
invited to perform in front of a live audience. 

Our 6-week program includes

Class 1-A Look into Music (2hrs)
Basics of songwriting/Rap/Poetry
History of Music
Flow, Lyricism,Cadence
Story behind song/rap
Storytelling exercise (group)
Rhyming Schemes
Types of music
Select an instrumental beat

Class 2-Formatting a song (2hrs)

What is a hook
Order of approach
Using your life experience
How to select a song title
What is a bridge
Select a hook/Chorus
Counting to the beat

 Class 3-Editing Song (2hrs)           
 Syllables and Vocabulary            
 Art of Harmony

 Metaphors and Reference
 in Song/Rap                     

 What are Ad-libs

 Breath Control

Recording Studio Sessions
(2hrs ea. (3) sessions Total: 6hrs)
Microphone Introduction
Copyright Education
What is a DWA, WAV, MP3
What is Mixing
What is Mastering
Complete song on CD

Courses Available

Songwriting and Recording Development:
6-week course, Music theory, Recording in
a professional studio. Students will have one
on one time recording a cover song or one of
their own. 


Additional Recording Sessions $50.00 per hour

Charters Schools please ask for discount code
6-Week Course $750.00

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”

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